中山路子(なかやま みちこ)

“There exists no border.”

Michiko Nakayama, the active designer from MUVEIL,
Launched a new experimental project to feature and work on the “indirect influence” of clothing.

As a fashion creator from Tokyo, using the detail of clothes as her language, “M” is an experimental project that tries to make value and commercialize the beauty of “byproducts” like sensitivity which derives from clothes, and propose them in a new way in store.

In addition, the peculiar sensibility that could be found in Japanese women is expressed and dropped into the “occidental clothes”. This “Japan Sensitivity” hidden inside the M clothings is a proposal of a NEW TOKYO SUVENIOUR.
Sold exclusively in the hideaway space of Kanda Shrine in center of Tokyo.

Through the year, M will be hosting a variety of different artists, and organize group exhibitions. By overlapping multi expressions created by different artists to express 1 theme, it will help clients to decipher and feel hidden themes in M’s clothing.

M is a secret hidden salon you can visit on reservation.

Clients will be attended by “Art”, Clothes will be presented and communicated by “ invisible messages” created by artists before a functional fitting check. Therefore to understand the real value hidden inside the details.

M is :
-Clothes that produce beautiful gestures.
-Clothes which evaluate Space, Accompany and artwork, that spends time together.

Michiko Nakayama
Born and lives in Tokyo. After graduating school of design, degreed in fashion design, started to work for apparel companies.
In 2002, she joined the member to establish the brand “Mosslight” and started to present the collection internationally from 2006. After the dissolution of “Mosslight” in 2007, presented a new brand “Muveil” (www.muveil.com) from Autumn Winter 2007 collection. In June 2017, annouced a new brand “M” (www.mmmmm-mmmmm.com) as her new experimental project to open a new creative career.